Introduction to Strategic Energetic Coaching

Referent/in: PhD Fred Gallo


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Termin: 06.03.-07.03.2019 


Preis: €  370,- zzgl. MWSt


Zeiten: 13.30-19.30, 9-16 Uhr
(16 Arbeitsstunden)





Diese Ausschreibung zum Seminar wird noch übersetzt werden, und auch für das Seminar wird es eine konsekutiv Übersetzung geben (von einer mit Fred Gallo erfahrenen Kollegin).


Coaching has become increasingly popular since it is present and outcome oriented, rather than focused on pathology and the past.  Coaching is applicable to a wide range of situations, including Personal or life coaching, Performance coaching, Skills coaching, Career Coaching, Business coaching, Executive coaching, and more. 


While there are a variety of approaches, Strategic Energetic Coaching (SEC) is unique in that it combines elements of Anthony Robbins’s Strategic Intervention with Fred Gallo’s Energy Psychology to assist people in efficiently achieving desired outcomes and having more options in their lives. While SEC is not specifically a therapeutic approach, it can be applied as an aspect of therapy.

Since each person’s situation is unique, interventions are individually designed and employed with techniques for resolving problems and working collaboratively with clients. The emphasis is on change and strengths. Depending on the client’s desire and the nature of the problem, others might be asked to participate. Frequently, “homework” is assigned so that change is actively being pursued outside the coaching sessions.

A key aspect of SEC is to deeply understand the life and life-space of the client and to offer interventions in line with this understanding, rather than prescribing one-size-fits all solutions. A wide variety of EP and SI techniques can be used to assist clients in overcoming obstacles to their success. 

This introductory SEC workshop provides a basic framework for coaching clients in various situations and offers a variety of easily-applied concepts and techniques including Client Types, Basic Coaching Model, Elevation Principles, State Triad and State Shifting, Human Needs Categories, Tapping Routines, Working with Metaphors, Pretend Strategy, Polarity Reversals, and More. 

This workshop is also a prerequisite for Advanced Training and Certification in SEC.



Theorie, Demonstrationen
und praktische Übungen


Über Fred Gallo

er ist Klinischer Psychologe und einer der führenden Pioniere im Bereich der Energy Psycholoy. Er integriert in seine Arbeit Hypnotherapie, NLP und Angewandter (Psycho-) Kinesiologie.
Von 2001-2013 hat er jedes Jahr in Heidelberg sein EDxTM-Curriculum angeboten.

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